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Barefoot Wine Clean-Up Results

Dear Beach Lovers,

It is clear that Barefoot Wine cares about the beach as much as we do! They sponsored our event and with our volunteers help we were able to gather critical data needed to support plastic initiatives.  Many members and new faces took time out to clean the beach and document the plastic found at Upham. Board members are working on compiling the data to put together a report.  We plan on documenting plastic data at each beach clean up for the foreseeable future.  That way we can determine the nature of the problem with more detail.  For example: What are the plastic items most commonly found? Is there one business that stands out more than others on certain beaches?  How do tourists and other beach users contribute to the problem?

Thank you to all of the board members and volunteers that stepped up and organized this event.  Also, special thanks to Barefoot Wine for sponsoring this event and we look forward to teaming up again with them!