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Party at the Pier! Huge Success!!!

Huge Success!


OVER 300 MEMBERS AND FRIENDS ATTENDED! WOOOO HOOOOO !!!! Also, many new memberships and renewals!

Suncoast Chapter kicked off the New Year in style! With over 300 members, sponsors and friends Suncoast Chapter really got the word out! We formed some amazing partnerships starting with Adam St. Simons from Gulfster Presents, which is the production arm of Our partnerships are an indicator as to just how valued we are to the community! With over 25 sponsors seemingly pouring their hearts and donations out to us, we were truly taken back.  To see that our community cares about our mission, as much as we do, is a breath of fresh air.

Johnny Reno stepped up big time by allowing us the usage of his bar at The St. Petersburg Pier! What an amazing venue with Tampa Bay as a backdrop, we could not lose. This location also doubles as our official home for chapter meetings, which take place every second Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm! John takes time to make sure the music is turned down and provides a clean space and allows us the usage of TVs for movies and educational purposes.

The event was designed to raise awareness about our foundation, sign up new members or renewals, and to raise funds for our future marketing campaign that will help us fight plastic pollution! In addition, we wanted to form key partnerships in the community.  Our bands really stepped up in a big way, along with “Soundman Rob” from Saint Petersburg Sound and Light.

The bands were opened by “Freelow”. As music started pouring out of their instruments like waves lapping up on the beach, the vibe infected everyone.  Many people started to visit our tables as volunteers greeted, accepted donations, and signed up new members. The Sheffield Crew, with their edgy vibe, really started to “amp up” the party. Chris and crew hit it on all cylinders! The Hip Abduction, our featured performers, did not disappoint! With balance, harmony and energy they lit up the stage and people were dancing and swaying to their melodies.  Tribal Style, a repeat Surfrider Foundation volunteer band, rounded out the night with reggae perfection!  Nobody was ready to leave including the band. All of the bands performed for the nominal fee of a meal and a beer!

Why go through all the trouble? It is important to get the word out, build our culture and educate the public as to what the Suncoast Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation is all about. This event empowered our tremendous board and volunteers to give back to the community and the partnerships formed in the planning stages will become invaluable for future events.  We are already in the process of working with Corona/Pacifico to conduct a combined beach clean-up/party at the beach in the spring!

In closing, our volunteers were invaluable to the success of this event.  Speaking with Adam, from “Gulfster Presents”, we talked about how some people don’t like to clean the beach or plant sea oats, but that is okay.  Everyone has a different skill set.  People can find ways to contribute remotely, financially, or in person.  The main thing is to become a member.  That is the number one way that YOU can make a difference.  When it comes to political pull and having influence in the community there is power in numbers.  Our goal over the next three years is to grow our base active membership to over 1000! Currently, were are right around 300 active members and 200 other members that just need to renew. In the past, government entities, businesses, and corporations could act unabated and not consult the public on projects without input from citizens.  The Suncoast Chapter formed because Pinellas County armored St. Pete Beach with T-Groins.  We did not have a voice, but now we do! We are still fighting the good fight and our influence has at least altered the project to make it safer for swimmers, surfers and beach users.  The influence we enjoy now is a direct result of our power in numbers!

Joining is easy.  Just go to the top of our page at, go to the Join Now tab and follow the steps.  It’s that easy! Print up the final page that shows you processed it and bring it to the next meeting as a voucher for a chapter T-Shirt!

Crave a Wave~

Ron Henkel

Vice Chair


Special thanks to our Sponsors:

  • Gulfster Presents
  • Reno Beach Surf Shop and Johnny Reno's Waterside Grille
  • Corona Light
  • Klever Skateboards
  • Murder Ride Skateboards
  • Mandalay Surf and Sport
  • Nekton Surf Shop
  • The Island Shop
  • Suncoast Surf Shop
  • Lenny's Surf Shop
  • The Surf Shack
  • Addictive Board Sports
  • Water Sports West
  • Liquid Soul
  • Power Up Auto
  • Grimaldi's Pizza
  • Russ D Prints
  • Yoga Blu
  • others- unidentified (We had many last minute donations)


  • Freelow
  • The Sheffield Crew
  • Hip Abduction
  • Tribal Style