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Pinellas County Alert

Dear Gulfsters,

When people stop seeing the reminders that there is a problem we tend to forget.  It is when our guard is down that our coasts will be attacked.  Pinellas County is trying very hard to permanently alter St Petersburg Beach, FL (Upham).  They want rocks, whether they are proven to work or not.  People see sand on the beach in St Petersburg, but they forget about the huge sand dune that was present in the "repair" of the bags.  What they don't see is that since this summer, the sand has almost already completely washed away from in front of the condos.  What they don't point out is that much of the sand you see on St Pete Beach is from a number of different "repairs" that have taken place over the past few years.

The county should save the roughly 5 million it wants to spend on rocks and remove the bags that do not work as intended.  Then they should look at SAVING (something our govt seems to have problems with) the money for future re-nourishment of Upham. This process is proven to work. Why spend money on an unproven system?  We are not sure....  All that we do know is that many people have lost their culture and lifestyle, due to this unproven system.

We need your input.  We need your expertise.  You have talent that will help our coast!  Come to meetings, or be a part of an event.

NEXT MEETING MARCH 8th---- See upcoming events for details.