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Rally Against Red Tide

Nearly 400 Floridians showed up this weekend to get loud about the ongoing disaster in Tampa Bay.

We heard about the impacts that multiple harmful algal blooms are having on our coastal economy; we saw firsthand the devastation on our wildlife; and we came together to demand real solutions from our state.

There was A LOT of media coverage of the rally - nice work!  Now let's call our state leadership and let them know we're serious.


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

850-717-9337 //

Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson

(352) 688-5077 //

Florida House Speaker Chris Sprowls

(727) 793-2810 //

Example script for your call:

"Hi, my name is ____ and I'm calling to demand action from state leadership on the harmful algal bloom disasters happening in our state.  Who in your office should I speak with about red tide and other HABs?

We need immediate action: close Piney Point, declare a state of emergency in Tampa Bay, and make polluters pay for the cleanup.

We also must have long term solutions, and small steps or half measures won't cut it.  Mandate the policies recommended by the experts, stop phosphate mining in Florida, update aging infrastructure across our state, and commit to a clean energy transition.

Will the Governor/President Simpson/Speaker Sprowls commit to these actions?"

Follow up your call with an email.  Copy the text below into your email.

Our Community’s Demands

Immediate Action:

1. Close the Piney Point fertilizer waste (phosphogypsum) stack and all 24 similar facilities in Florida.

2. Declare a state of emergency in the Tampa Bay watershed that includes funding for cleanup of dead fish and enactment of immediate emergency nutrient pollution reduction policies from all sources.

3. Make polluters pay.  Everyday taxpaying Floridians should not be held responsible for the destruction of polluting corporations.  HRK Holdings, Mosaic, and other similar corporations must be held responsible.

Stop Pollution at the Sources:

4. Mandate the policies recommended by the experts: Agency on Bay Management, Nitrogen Management Consortium, Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, Tampa Bay Estuary Program, etc.

5. Stop phosphate mining in Florida.

6. Update aging infrastructure to prevent additional nutrient pollution from wastewater and stormwater.

7. Commit to a clean energy transition.

Bonus Actions!

Call your own Florida Representative and Florida Senator, too.  If you don't know who they are, find out by clicking here.

Update your voter registration.  There are elections every single year: don't miss them!

Check out these resources to learn more: Piney Point Effluent EvolutionPiney Point MonitoringFertilizer & Landscape Information

Share the graphic below on your social media and copy the link for this page!